About Triple 8 Group
Triple 8 Group is one of Thailand’s SME foremost private sector companies. Triple 8 Group has a diversified presence in Hotels, Solar Cells products, and It & Social Media business. Triple 8 Group’s aspiration to be an exemplar in sustainability practices is manifest in its status as the only company in the world, of its size and diversity, to be carbon, water, and solid waste recycling positive. In addition, Triple 8 Group’s businesses and value chains create sustainable livelihoods for more people, a majority of whom represent the poorest in rural Thailand.

Our Brand & Business

Business TypeRetail Online Store
RevenueAdvertising Fee
CountryThailand and SEA

BrandVilla Pang Sida
Business TypeResort & Restaurant
RevenueAccommodation Food and Beverage

BrandTriple 8 Energy
Business TypeSolar cell
RevenueSolar Panel, Inverter, Solar Street light Distributor
CountryThailand and SEA

BrandTriple 8 IT Studio
Business TypeIt & Social Media advertising
RevenuePackage charge

Think with clarity and courage
Act decisively and on time
Archive goals with confidence and assertiveness

Who is our Team?

Kwon Taeyoung – Group President
Eugene Pichaya – CEO and CMO, Ph.D. Economics and Finance from Yonsei University South Korea: Business Developer and Marketing Expertise (Chief Marketing Officer)
Arenondh Sanprasit – CTO, Computer Science from Naraesuan University: Platform Developer (Chief of Technology Officer)
Komsan Suwilawong – COO, Electrical engineering at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok – Administration and Accounting Support (Chief Operation Officer)

How to be our Share Holder

1. Share Prices: 1 share 30 THB Minimum 100 stocks

2. Dividend: yearly

3. Currency: Thai Baht

4. Share Holder Return Policy: T888 will strive to pay dividends using a consolidated payout ratio of 30 percent of each semi-annual consolidated earnings as a key indicator. Dividend payments will be determined taking into account a comprehensive range of factors such as the tightening of Thailand regulations and other changes to the regulatory environment as well as the company’s consolidated financial performance.

Dividends will in principle be paid on an annual basis with record dates of November 30.

T888 will aim for a total payout ratio, which includes dividends and share buybacks, of at least 50 percent.

What you get from us for Shareholder

1. Monthly Meeting report

2. Revenue and Expense reports

3. Share Data

4. Stocks Acquisition Rights

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Date 01/12/2020 by Eugene Pichaya