Executive Summary

Triple 8 (T888) is an Online Marketplace for Open Market Online Store with a high potential platform by Triple 8 Korea

With our online Market, manufacturers can offer their products to a broad range of retailers from the industrial B2B sector and also provide them with product data for their complete product range, which can be imported into the retailers’ own systems. Retailers can easily find products in the manufacturers’ catalogs and can manage the entire order or purchase with just a few clicks, thanks to the simple checkout process. In addition, retailers can transfer the product master data directly from the online Market to their Store.

Location of the business is to assume an actual location, the target audiences of the business are:

General Company Description

Triple 8 Thailand (T888) is an online platform for online market stores with full options for users such as a payment gateway, 90K customers’ database, and a professional marketing team.


T8market, a brand of Thailand Market Online, has been a leading e-commerce marketplace in Thailand since it has been founded in 2020.
T8market gives sellers a flexible and comprehensive sales solution
and buyers a tremendous selection of goods at competitive prices.

Think with clarity and courage
Act decisively and on time
Archive goals with confidence and assertiveness

The foundation parameters on which we ensure the excellence of our Online Market are:

  1. Front and back end store
  2. Payment gate way
  3. multi-vendor marketplace platform that allows vendors to start their own e-stores and start promoting & selling their products to visitors
  4. Vendors can start their shop by registering for our system and then start selling products. Our platform also allows affiliate marketing. This affiliate option also is one of the best options for those who are looking for coupon promotion. The affiliate partnership can be set for both coupons and product pages. Also can set external links on both pages to make a profit from promoting the products available on different platforms.
  5. Support – We have a professional and dedicated support team for your all questions regarding our platform. We try to do our best in respect to the serving vendors by replying to your question in a great way and on time. So let us know if you anyone.

Increasing competition, especially from big chains like lazada Thailand, Shoppee, and Lnwshop.

Service Overviews

For different platform category, our variety of product categories is offered in different with the full option with paid vendors.

Global Brands we offered price and package vendors include an option for Marketing and Promotions support

Products categories we serve for
Men Clothing Women Clothing Kids Clothing Underwear
Fashion Accessories – Bag, Jewelry, watch, Shoes
Skin cares Luxury Brands Cosmetics Fresh Grocery Processed Food

Benefits and Features

Store Rental Fees by Monthly
Banner Advertisements
Comfortable to use
Professional team support
Customer Database 90K

Why Vendors need US?

Various variety under a single roof
Easy payment modes of Cash
Install products to their store by us
marketing and Promotion by us
Nonconfusion commission
Direct to Customers

Who is our Team?

Kwon Taeyoung – Chief CEO
Eugene Pichaya ดร.ภิชยะ – CMO and Co-Founder, Ph.D. Economics and Finance from Yonsei Universtiy South Korea: Business Developer and Marketing Expertise (Chief Marketing Officer)
Arenondh Sanprasit – CTO and Co-Founder, Computer Science from Naraesuan University: Platform Developer (Chief of Technology Officer)
Komsan Suwilawong – COO and Co-Founder, Electrical engineering at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok – Administration and Accounting Support (Chief Operation Officer)

How to be our Share Holder

1. Share Prices: 1 share 30 THB Minimum 100 stocks

2. Dividend: yearly

3. Currency: Thai Baht

4. Share Holder Return Policy: T888 will strive to pay dividends using a consolidated payout ratio of 30 percent of each semi-annual consolidated earnings as a key indicator. Dividend payments will be determined taking into account a comprehensive range of factors such as the tightening of Thailand regulations and other changes to the regulatory environment as well as the company’s consolidated financial performance.

Dividends will in principle be paid on an annual basis with record dates of November 30.

T888 will aim for a total payout ratio, which includes dividends and share buybacks, of at least 50 percent.

What you get from us for Shareholder

1. Monthly Meeting report

2. Revenue and Expense reports

3. Share Data

4. Stocks Acquisition Rights

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Date 01/12/2020 by Nick Pichaya